Week of March 17, 2017

This week was filled with R&D for our Salt & Wind Baja trips and playing catch up from my Arizona road trip.

On the published front, I was supposed to have an article about where to find whiskey in San Diego on St. Patrick's Day come out on Time Out, but it was branded content and since it isn't published, it appears the client didn't move on it fast enough. While branded, it would have been my first time at Time Out, so hopefully it surfaces at some point.

I had a small bit in this Thrillist article about where to travel in Europe on the cheap--my contribution was Girona, Spain, which is about an hour north of Barcelona. It's filled with Catalan culture and close to the Costa Brava. The food is excellent and the old city, gorgeous. And speaking of Catalonia! We just booked our tickets for Barcelona this July to visit my husband's family and friends. He'll stay for two weeks, me for a month. We are so excited.

I also published this piece at Luxury Living International about a Miami coffee executive's stunning home.