Recently published 2/9/17

Feeling the world could use some yoga, collectively, I wrote a comprehensive list of the best yoga retreats in the tropical Americas.  It looks like Costa Rica is ground zero for all things yoga, so I expect to write more on the topic as it relates to that country.

I was asked to contribute to a Thrillist piece about cities Americans overlook traveling to as they're too "dangerous," exotic, far away or, simply, not in Europe. My contribution was Guadalajara, a city I spent a week in last fall that is best known for its art and tech scenes, mariachi, tequila and the gut-busting torta ahogada--a breakfast food that is comprised of roasted pork in a baguette completely smothered in searing hot tomato salsa.

I had a print piece come out in Ranch & Coast Magazine, a print publication based here in San Diego County. It's about mezcal, and gives a brief history and introduction to the spirit while providing a proprietary cocktail recipe from my latest favorite bar in town, The Grass Skirt. It was short but very fun to write and I'm thrilled to be contributing for the magazine!

Planning for the Salt & Wind Baja trips is going along swimmingly and we're looking at liftoff in early April. Correspondingly, my guide to Baja for Salt & Wind was published, and it's basically a huge information dump. I left some hidden gems out, of course, but it's a great, one-stop shop for anyone who wants to know the overall deal.