I had two articles about Tijuana go live this week, somewhat coincidentally.

The first was at New Worlder and is about some of the new things you can find on the city's main drag, Avenida Revolucion. In a really absurd turn of events, a Tijuana-based publication lifted it, word for word, and republished it in Spanish on their site, jacking all of the pictures as well. When confronted, they tried to say they credited me and the site (not true, we had screenshots). Even if that had been true, they published it in full--something that is 100%, completely not kosher. In an additional sleazy twist, they also contacted my sources, saying they had featured them in "their article," and asked if my sources then wanted to buy ad space with them. Thankfully, after a bit of strong-arming by my wonderful editor, it was taken down, but I admit, it shook me. Seeing someone else try to claim and profit off of my work was more upsetting than I would have originally thought.

The second is on AFAR.com, and covers the entire city rather than just that one street. In all honesty, they're a little similar, but were supposed to be published at different times, rather than one day apart. That one focuses on the city and one on a small subset of it will have to be good enough!

I also just returned from Guatemala, where I was palling around with Ilegal Mezcal for five hard-living days. Their brand has an incredible story and I can't wait to tell it in one form or another--when I sober up and get some sleep, most likely. Traveling to a Latin American country that isn't Mexico has reignited a fire in me to travel more around the Americas, so I'm looking forward to trying to tackle that more. Especially Central America, as this had been my first time to the area. All of the nations in Central America are beautiful and fascinating, and many have tragic histories that they're beginning or trying to recover from. I would love to learn more be able to tell some of the region's stories some day.

I have some exciting assignments and a good run of travel coming up. Also, I'll have lots more on Tijuana to come. Turns out, the more you do, the more you do!